Polypreneur Activism & Feminism

  • Polypreneur: A polyamorous relationship with the partners playing various roles in managing a business.
  • Polypreneur Community: A poly community with at least some members living together and working on an ethical erotic enterprise as the business that funds their community expenses and needs.
  • Feminist Polypreneur or Polypreneur Activism: An ethical erotic enterprise managed by a poly family who shares the same social goals of the business. It makes sense for an idealistic and sex-positive business community to be managed by a leadership of members of a polyamorous 'family'.
Poly Entrepreneur Activism!

Moving together with shared goals!

All around the developed world people are searching for alternatives to the monogamous model of relationships. While it works for many, nuclear families are also quite challenging to manage.

Poly marriages or relationships are not recognized legally. This has a great effect on shared responsibilities and benefits in a group relationship.

Eventually, the Hedonisia community leadership will evolve to a Polypreneur Community with the shared management of more permanent members who are also friends and/or lovers with different relationship agreements.

It is necessary to come up with legal structures that allow people to live together intimately and share assets. One way to do this is for members of a polypod to form an LLC! This is already being done in the US.

As part of our preparation process, we are also doing the legal foundation groundwork such as, working to create a template of an Activist Polypreneur LLC Agreement.

Portland OR, a laboratory of alternative sexual lifestyles!

The Portland sex-positive world, is quite possibly, one of the most ethical and progressive in the world today. After living part-time there, the Community Director has seen some interesting trends in how relationships are evolving.

With new kinds of relationships, there are different rewards and different challenges. One big complaint that sex-positive or poly people have is that they don’t have enough time to spend with their lovers! In our busy modern world with everyone having different jobs to pay the bills it is no surprise.

For those who identify as, or wish to be poly, we ask you to imagine a life where you live at least part of the year with your friends and lovers working on causes you all share to make the world a better place. In other words, a life of progressive, idealistic hedonism or what we call "pleasurable activism"!

Starting or being involved in a Community, Activist, Feminist, Eco or Erotic Entrepreneur project is an ideal way to build a relationship together with the business being your ‘child’!

A Sapiosexual Polypreneur Partnership! 

Since moving to Portland, one of the most sex-positive and feminist cities in the US and the world, I have learned a great deal about human relationships and my own sexuality.

Portland Slut Walk SPP 2016

Mojo with SPP friends: 2016 Portland SlutWalk!

I now identify as a poly male feminist. My long-term goal is to build an ethically non-monogamous pod at our EcoFeminist community in Hawaii. Special lovers and friends will be invited to be a part of our community in paradise!

We want to create the world's first Polypreneur Community! The principal partners will enjoy part-time residency. They will also receive further benefits by managing our Eco-community and EcoFeminist web projects.

We hope to be able to create a living prototype of a community based on love, freedom and that makes money in accordance with the ideas and principles shared in the group.

Mojo - Community Director

Learn to be an Ethical Erotic Entrepreneur!

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