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Eco-Community Intern Tara in Hawaii

Tara: Hedonisia Hawaii Intern & EcoSexual Writer

Being in a paradise like Hawaii is the perfect place to come back to the present and allow your mind to be quiet. This quiet mind allows you to think clearly and openly about important topics like the sexual dysfunction in the modern world. My article was about something I have always been passionate about- overpopulation and our Earth (Sexually Incorrect). The world is at carrying capacity yet many women have no power over their own sexuality for many different reasons, which I speak about in my article. Mojo was a great supporter and "sounding board" for this article. He was always available with an open mind to help with ideas and editing, even while he was away traveling in totally different time zones. Tara - Hedonisia Intern & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur

EcoSexual Entrepreneur is managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community. Hedonisia is a sustainable 'eco-tourist' & 'ecofeminist' community located in the lush rainforests of Hawaii island.

In addition to our eco-friendly Guest lodgings, we offer a number of Community, Activist, Feminist, Environmental and Sex Positive educational and volunteer web-based resources.

Depending on their skills and experience interns or volunteers at our little eco-community in Hawaii, may also be able to work on other sites in our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

Visitors to our community can stay as a nightly, weekly or monthly guest.

If they have related skills, education or experience they may also apply to work as a Volunteer, Intern and specialize in EcoSexual Entrepreneur Writing & Research!

Eco-Tourist Services offered at our Hawaii Community!

  1. Weekly/Monthly Guests. We offer special prices for those who wish to stay a little longer and volunteer with one Community Support Day per week of stay.
  2. Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. Enjoy a volunteer vacation at our community in the Hawaiian Rainforest!
  3. Intern Eco-Community Manager! This option is excellent for those who wish to enjoy a longer stay in Hawaii. If you wish to apply you can choose the Brain Focus option to be able to work on this website!
  4. EcoSexual Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions. Learn to use social enterprise business principles in the field of human sexuality. This workshop is offered virtually or at our community in Hawaii.