SapioSexual Activist Entrepreneur!

From Islam to Sex Positive Eco-Feminism! Bio of an Ex-Muslim Traveler!

Mojo & Female Statue!

Mojo & Female Empowered Statue in Oslo, Norway in 2014!

Sapiosexual Activist: One who is turned on by intelligence and works to heal in the areas of human experience where frustrated sexuality leads to societal dysfunction.

Many people want to make a difference in the world but also want to have fun! What could be more meaningful and enjoyable than by working in the field of sex to help others?

With a background in Sociology and Women's Studies and in his travels to 36 countries, Mojo has seen firsthand, the many areas of sexual dysfunction in the world.

However, Mojo's travels and education gave him inspiration, ideas and insight to broaden Hedonisia’s goals.

Though he was born a Muslim, he became disenchanted with the religion and the way it treats and punishes women who dare to be different from what their religion expects of them. This is especially true when it comes to sexuality where Islam harshly sanctions a woman for exploring sexuality outside of marriage compared to men who have much more freedom.

Combining his love for being an entrepreneur with his idealism, he decided to base the community around eco-tourism and eco-feminism in ways that positively affect society or the environment.

Sexuality is one of the few remaining areas where it is possible to apply ethical social entrepreneur principles to sexual products or services in ways that are beneficial to the planet and to society. However, there was no code, philosophy or set of principles on how to be an ethical erotic entrepreneur. This website is Mojo's attempt to write about how to be an 'ecosexual entrepreneur', working with sex in ways that are healing and beneficial to society.

Mojo in his own words!

Since my travels around the world in the nineties, I've been looking for a place where I truly feel at home with people who are a bit kooky, idealistic and quirky like me. Portland turned out to be that place. It's like Amsterdam was from the 80's to the 90's!

Portlandia is a show that affectionately pokes fun into the reasons this cute little city is so different from other cities in the world. It will give you an idea why I love it so much! Statistically, Portland is one of the most ethical sex-positive and feminist cities in the world.

I'm a member and volunteer at Sex Positive Portland, one of the most ethical sex-positive communities in the world. Slowly building bridges between this city and our eco-feminist community in Hawaii.

I am a man who does not practice the 'double standard'. I understand that strong, equal women are some of the most amazing lovers for the simple fact that whatever they do in bed is something they WANT to do. This is different from so many women in patriarchal cultures who have sex because it is their DUTY.

I'm really having fun working towards all the causes I am passionate about with people I really like. 

I became a feminist because I like women; both as friends and as lovers. I have female friends with varying levels of intimacy. So I'm pretty happy! I'm always amazed why more men are not feminist. If you are a man and you like women, you should be a feminist. it's that simple!

Mojo Mustapha: Eco-feminist, ethical erotic entrepreneur and pleasurable activist!

Here are some of the EcoSexual Entrepreneur projects in our community portfolio:

  • Despite all the technology we have, there are still no truly safe and eco-friendly birth control methods in the world today. So we have written a Safe, Effective, and Sensual Natural Birth Control ebook for couples who wish to enjoy their sexuality without unwanted pregnancy!
    Social Issues Addressed: healthy sexuality, natural birth control, couples therapy, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights.
  • b) EcoFeminist Learn to create a business to advance women's emancipation and equality through female empowerment rather than victimization.
    Social Issues Addressed: female equality through economic empowerment.
  • c) Warning this site is Pro-Choice! Let every child on this planet be a wanted child. This website offers private and effective natural abortion information for women who wish to have the right to reproductive choice. Yes, we consider reproductive rights as a sensual project because if a woman is not in control of her fertility she is not sexually equal.
    Social Issues Addressed:  female empowerment, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights, female sexuality.
  • d) Virtual Museum of Cultural and Historical Erotic Art and Literature from around the World.
    Social Issues Addressed: sexual liberation, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, art therapy, positive cultural or historical sexual teachings.

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