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Sensual Entrepreneur Services - Ethical Sexual Solutions

EcoSexual Sensual Entrepreneur Services!

Using community or social entrepreneur business principles to 'solve' intractable sexual dysfunctions that affect so many societies in the world is a powerful concept. It allows a 'sensual entrepreneur' to make a living from creating the change that they want to see in the world.

This website offers ideas and resources for those who want to work positively in the field of sexuality. It is for those who enjoy working with sex but in a way that improves socialization in society rather than exploiting it.

This site is managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community where we offer the following Sensual Entrepreneur Services!

  1. Volunteer, Guest or InternOur community is located in 'Big Island' Hawaii where we offer a number of options for applicants to enjoy a stay either as a Guest, Volunteer or Residential Intern.
  2. Hedonisia EcoSexual Entrepreneur Portfolio. These are the Ethical Erotica Eco-Feminist websites that we work on at our community.
  3. EcoSexual Entrepreneur Business Coaching Services. Learn how to create and manage your own ecosexual entrepreneur business!

EcoSexual Entrepreneur Member Benefits:

Your payment of $12.95 gives you 2 years access to the following:

  1. Sexually Incorrect & Sustainable Sexuality. These continually updated online resources provide a sapiosexual foundation on how to create ethical erotic products or services that use sexuality to help people or the planet.
  2. Feminist Entrepreneur Membership: Female and female-identified are the bulk of sex workers all over the world. So feminism is an essential cornerstone of being an ethical erotic entrepreneur! Included with membership is free access to our sister site:
  3. World Art Royalty Free Erotica! Members gain to access hundreds of World Art Erotica images which they can use without having to pay a license fee in their own websites, blogs or 'EcoSexual Entrepreneur' business project!

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