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"In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive."
Jordan B. Peterson - An Anecdote to Life

Sexually Incorrect Solutions to Sexual Dysfunctions in Society

Business Solutions to Sexual Dysfunction in Society

Nearly everything that humans are involved with has a sexual component. It is a foundation for human life and human behavior. It is our life force and it underlies almost all that we do.

Even when it is absent it is there. For to banish sex, as religions try so often to do, is to make it a fetish or worse, to find harmful 'substitutes'. Violence is often substituted for sex and so is shopping! Not only is sex connected to so many forms of human behavior but often it is connected in a way that is dysfunctional; with real personal and societal costs.

Sex like food, water and shelter is a basic need. However, it is not given equal respect as such. Just as a starving person will behave differently when people have a lack of fulfilling love and sex in their life they will engage in other types of behavior to compensate.

Sexually Incorrect is a look at many of the problems facing society today from the perspective of sexual dysfunction. We observe the connection of sex to both a problem and possible solutions. However, unlike most academic, theoretical or therapy based approaches to looking at sex we use different methods:

  1. The way it is - Identify the Problem: We identify a sexual dysfunction that connects some facet of human behavior to sex. For example, in Sex and Politics we might look at the sex scandals that plague male politicians and we try to identify the underlying causes and dysfunctions this causes.
  2. The way it could be - Ethical EcoSexual Entrepreneur Solution! We then suggest based on our anecdotal and academic research business ideas and commercial based solutions that attempt to address or resolve the issue.

When sex and business are combined the result has been often been fraught with exploitation and negativity. We only have to look at prostitution, pornography, strip shows and so on to see that when sex and business get together in the modern world the results are not always pretty! This is especially true when men are the owners of these businesses.

These articles are being prepared for publication as a print book. However, if you wish to view our ethical erotic entrepreneur 'solutions' in their raw and evolving form, you are welcome to Become a Member!

1) Sexually Incorrect eBook

Sex & Politics

Sex & Feminism
Sex & Democracy
Sex & Power

Sex & Religion

Sex & Christianity
Sex & Islam
Sex & Spirituality

Sex & Drugs

Sex & Marijuana
Sex & Alcohol
Sex & Ecstasy

Sex & Violence

Sex & Women
Sex & Terrorism
Sex & Young Men

Sex & Money

Sex & Prostitution
Sex & Work
Sex & Technology

Sex & The Media

Sex & Art
Sex & Hollywood
Sex & Advertising
Sex & Porn

2) World Sex Report: Sex & Culture

This is one of our more recent projects where we collect interesting stories about sex in the world today. Many of the articles have ideas that could form the basis of a new ethical erotic enterprise.

3) Sustainable Sexuality eBook

Sex & Beauty
Sex & Community
Sex & Healing
Sex & Nature
Sex & Population
Sex & Homosexuality
Sex & Bisexuality
Sex & Laughter

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