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The world's first educational resource on how to create profitable, ethical and sex-positive products or services that help to improve the planet or society. Learn to be an ecosexual entrepreneur and enjoy a fun, sexy and rewarding business that makes the world a better place! 

When we look at sexuality in today's world, we see that the famous Sexual Revolution that began in the sixties has now stalled. After more than 50 years of feminism, women live in a world that is still overwhelmingly run by men.

To state the obvious, we are all a product of sex. It is our life force and how we use this powerful energy affects almost every aspect of our existence. Modern life surrounds us with "sexy" images. However, that does not make us more "sexual" in a way that is fulfilling. People talk about sex, read about it, and see it on all forms of media. However, they are not actually having much truly satisfying sex. As an article in Vox notes, sexual activity is decreasing and reported as unsatisfactory in many countries.

Sexual Substitutes

Living in a sexy but not sexual world is rather like having a diet of junk food. Superficially it is fulfilling but it is not healthy on a deeper level. Lack of sexual satisfaction in people's lives leads to 'sexual substitution'. People engage in behavior such as compulsive shopping or even violence in order to fill the gap that is created from an unsatisfying love life.

Adam and Eve - 19th Century. Sweden: Image Courtesy of

"Adam, Eve & the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge." Classical Swedish Erotica

This is NOT a politically correct website! We stand by our First Amendment rights to comment, be critical and suggest out-of-the-box 'solutions' in the world today. As we argue in Sexually Incorrect, dysfunctional sexuality is a root cause of many of the problems in the world today.

However, in most cultures, it is very difficult to have open, honest conversations about human sexuality. This is one of our main intentions; to encourage rather than stifle debate about sex and to offer practical solutions.

As an ethical erotic entrepreneur, a woman or man can address sexual dysfunction in a particular facet of human behavior. They can also feel empowered economically and sexually!

In times of high unemployment and world recession, working with sexuality in a positive way can be a very 'uplifting' experience! (pun intended!) Our goal is not just to describe the problems but to offer practical business-based solutions for the budding EcoSexual Entrepreneur or current Sex Worker.

Practical Principles for an Ethical EcoSexual Entrepreneur!

  1. Find a product or service that improves sexual happiness in humans by solving a real problem. This is the most difficult part as it involves research into sexuality, politics, and sociology. This is what we have tried to do on this website. Research into the dysfunctional aspects of sex in the modern world and then suggest sustainable sensual enterprise solutions!
  2. To derive income that sexuality that is truly pleasure based! From working with sexuality in a way that brings deeper happiness as opposed to shallow satisfaction.
  3. To work with sexuality using the best business practices. Even if your sex business is controversial and skirting the edge of the law, always try to obey all other aspects of the law particularly when it comes to health and safety.
  4. Become part of the political process. This is especially true if your sensual enterprise is on the edge of or actually breaking the law of the country in which you live. Though this may be more difficult in authoritarian countries, try to work through the political process and make that part of your business plan to make your sensual enterprise truly legal. In this way, working to change the law becomes a taxable expense!
  5. Treat workers well and fairly. By giving benefits, reasonable working conditions and health care if possible. Or in the case of volunteers, using a fair trade system for work contributed.
  6. Pay Taxes! Insofar as is legally possible, pay applicable taxes and demand your rights and recognition as a taxpayer.
  7. Adopt Green Business Practices. Use environmentally friendly policies and supplies at all levels which you do your business. And try to persuade your suppliers and contractors to do the same.
  8. Adopt a Cause. If your sex business is not directly helping people then devote part of your profits to a cause that does. For example, "10% of the profits go to Rape Crisis Shelters".
  9. Let people know what you are doing! By adopting good business practices, eco-policies, treating workers well and so on you are actually creating news! One of the most important aspects of doing the right thing is that it is one of the best forms of advertising around! Especially in this world of social media!
  10. Create a Mission Statement. Clearly define how your business will address social issues, gender inequality and make money!

EcoSexual Entrepreneur Member Benefits

One of the most sustainable ways to create the change you want to see in the world is to create an ethical business 'solution'! We show you how to do that with sex!

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  1. Sexually Incorrect & Sustainable Sexuality. Continually updated research on the various areas of sexual dysfunction in the world and ideas for ethical erotic products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them.
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Membership: Female and transgender women make up the bulk of sex workers of any country in the world. So gender equality is a cornerstone of being an ethical erotic entrepreneur! Included with your membership is free access to this site!
  3. 45-Minute EcoSex Entrepreneur Coach & Consultation: Once you have chosen an ethical erotic business idea, you can schedule a 45-minute Business Plan coaching session to turn your it into reality!

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